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Target Audience

As the landscape to healthcare continues to evolve so does the Emergency Medicine Conference.  Emergency medicine involves the saving of lives. This however comes at a cost, the burden at times affecting a health worker’s ability to offer quality care to their patients.

The 2020 Emergency Medicine Cruise Conference is designed for all physicians , paramedics and nurses involved in Acute and Trauma care. Limited spaces available for students.


Program Purpose


Re-inspire, Refocus and Reconnect. This is our conference goal and vision. 


Burnout syndrome is real.  The training and practice of emergency medicine is stressful and taxing.  The practice of continuous acute care can take its toll on both practitioner and family.  The emotion, mental and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress leads people to feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained leaving caregivers cynical and resentful, unable to function at their best. We aim to explore the continuum of patient care from pre-hospital to discharge. The emphasis of the conference will be on the essential role that emergency staff have on patients.


We also aim to redress the balance by providing a fun learning environment in which practitioners can incorporate learning with team building. Running the conference during school holidays also allows delegates the opportunity to reconnect with their families and friends during conference ‘downtime’ a luxury not afforded at traditional meetings.


As well as the Cruis-ED conference hours being scheduled between 11am to 2pm we have carefully designed the program to incorporate social networking and team building workshops in the form of physical interactions and enjoyment of the arts.  We aim to provide the ability for delegates’ families to attend some of these activities.


At Cruis-ED we intend to help delegates refocus by providing an environment which helps offer peer support through connectivity between leaders and community building exercises with the intention of improving not only relationships at work but also those in the home.  We want delegates to rediscover the joy and meaning of acute care that makes work and family life worthwhile.


There is something for everyone at conference so we encourage everyone from ambulance staff, registered nurses and doctors to join us !





There is current approval of 12 CME credits accredited with the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. We anticipate a total of 18 credits which will be confirmed 3 months before sailing . 


This will be available once the final speaker line up is confirmed.