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Our Speakers

A/Prof. Dan Ellis

Director of Trauma, Royal Adelaide Hospital &

Co-Chair of the Statewide South Australian Trauma Service (SATS).


Dan recently completed a 5 year term as Clinical Director of MedSTAR – the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service, part of South Australian Ambulance. As well as the Trauma role, he now works as a Pre-Hospital and Retrieval consultant with MedSTAR, as an Intensivist in Calvary healthcare and as a consultant in the Royal Adelaide Emergency Department. Dan is an accredited specialist in Emergency, Intensive Care and Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine and has worked in critical care in Australia and the UK for over 20 years.

Dr. Louis Snellgrove & Dr. Lloyd Collier

 Senior Emergency Department Registrars

Louis and Lloyd are Senior Emergency Department Registrars. Following the death of Lloyd’s uncle our boys were inspired to ride a tandem bicycle 29,000 km around the globe passing through 23 countries in just 283 days. Managing to break the Guinness World Record in the process. Louis and Lloyd will recant their incredible adventure including being hit by a truck on day 1, held at knifepoint and coming face to face with a Siberian brown bear in a tale that will inspire and captivate. 

Dr. Neel Bhanderi

Originally from the UK, where Dr Bhanderi worked as a Consultant in a London Major Trauma Centre for several years as well as with the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance, he jumped ship and moved to South Australia.


Dr Bhanderi is currently an Emergency and Prehospital Care Consultant at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and MedSTAR Retrieval Services.


He has an interest in prehospital & amp; trauma care, simulation and the management of the emergency airway. He uses modern digital technology in the resus environment to help improve patient safety and develop clinical skills of both nursing and doctors.

A/Prof Joseph Mathew

        Acting Director, Trauma Services,                         The Alfred Hospital, VIC

Dr. Graeme Maw

Graeme is a Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine at The Townsville Hospital .  He is also Regional Medical Officer for Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and teaches and examines QAS students undertaking Intensive Care Paramedic training.  He has extensive pre-hospital experience and has performed over 200 aeromedical evacuations as well coordinating and providing telehealth support to critically ill patients in rural Queensland.  He is a member of The Townsville Hospital’s Patient Safety Committee and has extensive experience in both hospital and pre-hospital teaching. 
Graeme has recently completed a Masters Degree in Trauma.

Dr. Kenneth Lo 

   Emergency Department Physician,  Christchurch, New Zealand

Dr. Lo worked with Doctors without Borders (medicin sans frontier) in Iraq where he ran the ED in a town 6km from the frontline during the height of the battle to retake the west side of the city.  Seeing 1600 critical traumas in the first month with mass casualties every day with demographics including military & civilian war casualty, severe malnutrition and delayed presentations/mismanaged conditions relating to war.   


Dr Lo will recount his experiences working in stressful environments with battles ranging overhead, war traumas ranged from sniper fire, mortars, suicide attacks, air strikes, chemical attacks managing mass casualties and the psychological effects of working stressful environments, the factors that helped or impeded an ED department during mass casualties or critical events and his experiences in managing war trauma in low resource environments.