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How do the kids clubs work ?

Kids clubs on a ship work very much the same as the kids clubs in a resort. Kids clubs are devided into 4 age groups which make activities age appropriate. All sessions run 4 times a day and run in conjunction we with major productions and adult shows on the ship.

Registration on day 1 of boarding the ship is essential and works on a first come, first serve basis. Ages for the kids clubs start at 2-17 years of age and the P&O teen clubs (HQ and HQ+) are very popular with our young people. All staff have diplomas and degrees in childcare and are fully vetted by P&O.

There is no in room childcare therefore the ship does have a late night session 10pm-1am where charges apply at $5 per hour per child and the 2nd child at $3 per hour within the childcare centre.

Kids clubs still run as per normal on the days the ship is docked in the South Pacific so parents can still enjoy time out, shore excursions and shopping in the ports.

Delegates must sign a permission form for CRUIS-ED staff to collect kids from the club on conference days as talks are in session still from midday until 2pm. CRUIS-ED has been allocated a pop up creche for our kids and we are happy to take them for lunch with permission from parents.


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