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How to select the ideal cabin on a cruiseship as a first time cruiser ?

Unfortunately I learnt the hard way despite years working within the travel industry. Having suffered a TBI years ago has taught me the lead-in room is not necessarily going to be cheap and cheerful.

Selecting a room on a cruiseship may seem fairly simple however this is not the case. Ask yourself a few questions ..." does a member in my party suffer from car sickness ? ", " Am I a light sleeper ? " , or " Do I have a child with a disability or a family member prone to high sensory stimulation ?". These are factors that must be considered in selecting your ideal cabin is your ideal location.

Here are a few insider tips which will go a long way in enhancing your cruise conference experience :

1. The old wife's tale that rooms higher in the ship are more settled IS NOT TRUE. The further down you go, the less movement you will feel.

2. Fitting a family of 4 into an Oceanview and Inside room is a tight fit. Consider a Balcony Cabin which gives you a private patio for the extra space.

3. Not all Oceanview cabins are the same. If you suffer from vertigo and are budget conscious then consider upgrading your cabin to a CLEAR view Oceanview room. Cabin prices start from restricted or unclear views which means your room is situated in front of a lifeboat. Great if you want natural sunlight however not ideal if you want a view.

4. Before you confirm your room please check your location in proximity to lifts and stairs where you will find traffic. There are 2000 passengers on this ship and light sleepers will not appreciate the late night revelers.

5. Sea sickness is no laughing matter. If you or your party are prone to car sickness then consider a room midship further down as this allows less movement then in the Aft (back) or Forward of the ship. Natural sunlight will help (oceanview,balcony) however I will be discussing some tried and proven methods in blogs to come from someone who personally suffers horrendous vertigo and motion sickness thanks to a TBI. ( Feel free to email me directly ).

6. For a family of 3 or 4 you will find your cabin will be turned down by housekeeping during your allocated dinner seating. "Bunks" are also known as pullman beds and not "pull out beds" as our conference attendees will find on this ship. Housekeeping can supply bed railings for younger kids however some requests to configure rooms may not be met due to ultra strict Maritime Law regulations. For example : Cots are not allowed under bunks ect.

We look forward to welcoming you on the ship and making your 10 days unforgettable.